Young Lads Want Career in Big Data Hadoop!

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This doesn’t remain concealed that Big Data has changed the concept all together. Young lads and new entrants of IT industry are more precised to learn Big Data and Analytics and to make career in same skill sets. Consistent rise of IOT (internet of things) like social media, mobile customers and other intricate problem has increased challenges to many organizations. Presenting and managing more data and analyze the same is changing like never before.

More than four out of five IT professionals (88%) plan to prioritize and leverage big data and analytics for business decisions within the next 12 months. But IT professionals may not be driving the analytics effort: Only 20% reported that BI initiatives are mainly driven by IT. For 80%, someone else is driving. IT has a huge opportunity to jump in and lead these efforts. 

— Forrester’s Global Business Technographics Data and Analytics Survey, 2015

 Let’s focus on some points why new entrants and even existing professionals want to learn Big Data skill sets. TechandMate has bring some game changing points why Big Data is on top of the list right now & why people are going gaga over this technology.

  • High Demand for Big Data Developers and Analytics Experts

First big companies are producing hefty expanse of data on daily basis and they requisite people who can take care of this data and manage the same as well. Also the data is meaningless if they cannot analyze the same and find some fruitful stuff out of it. When it comes to managing big data, Hadoop is here to rescue. Companies are looking for IT professionals in this skill set to manage and do further analytics on the same.

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Also Job bar is keep on raising and people with same skill set are getting striking salary also. Average salary for Hadoop is 115000 $. Learn more about Big Data Hadoop Online Training

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  • Big Data has its own place

If you will research you will find out that still organization are looking for people having expertise on Big Data. Adaption of technology has increased the vacant position in this skill set. So you have an ample opportunity to place yourself. Get expertise on the technology that changing everything.

Organizations need 1.5 mn Big Data managers by 2018

– McKinsey Global Report

  •  From Organizations point of View

Organizations are not hesitating to invest money on Big Data technology; In fact it is on the top of their priority. Big Data and Analytics can change the course of their business. Finding relevant information working on bottle necks can definitely help them to make vital decision making. It is definitely a significant factor to make impact on their growth and revenues.

About 90% of global organizations report medium to high levels of investment in big data analytics

– Forbes Report, 2015

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