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Hello Learners,

After the wide spread ofTableau Interview Questions: Set_1 and keeping in mind the increasing demand for Interview Questions among job seekers! 

TechandMate  has released Set_2 of Tableau Interview Questions with Answers.

Data Rises from the ash, when people are going gaga over Tableau, same time furthermost candidates don’t know how to break the jinx for Tableau Interview!!!

If you guys are preparing for “Tableau Developer Job” like data analyst or dashboard developer! Then, you must go through these questions before appearing for the interview, it would be very helpful to frame an idea of the interview.

Here TechandMate brings you Selected Interview Questions in Set_2.

Difference between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

Tableau Desktop is enterprise based software to create Dashboards, Workbooks and packaged workbook. Tableau Desktop is capable of publishing dashboards to server.

Difference between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server | Blogs | TechandMate

Tableau Server is Cloud based platform to deploy tableau dashboards, created on Tableau Desktop.

How many types of  Filters are available in Tableau?

Filters are used to curb down the data in Tableau so that valuable and usable data will be presented for viewing.

  • DataSource Filter
  • Context Filter
  • Quick Filter

Difference between Data Blending and Data Joins.

Data Blending – Tableau has great functionality and option, when you want to apply joins between two tables and they are coming from different data sources. Yet this is pretty much possible in tableau. With the help of data blending you can apply joins on tables, coming from different data sources.

Data Blending | Tableau | Blogs | TechandMate

Joins – Joins can be made on two tables coming from same data sources.

Data Joins | Tableau | Blogs | TechandMate

What is the concept of Dual Axis?

When you want to show and measure the performance of two metrics at the same time, you can use Dual Axis chart. Dual axis allows you to compare the different measures.

It includes different axis for each metrics and you can synchronize the same as well.

What is the concept of Dual Axis | Tableau | Blogs | TechandMate

What is Parameter in Tableau?

Parameters in Tableau are dynamic function which replaces the static values in tableau and gives you control to manipulate the data and visualization accordingly.

Parameters | Tableau | Blogs | TechandMate

Difference between Parameter and Filter

Parameter works same as filters and it can replace the static values and can be applied in calculated fields but filters cannot.

What is Measure or Dimension?

Measures are continuous values and can be used to make calculations but, Dimensions are discrete values like: Name, City, Country etc.

What is Measure or Dimension | Tableau | Blogs | TechandMate

Number of tables you can apply for Joins in Tableau?

You can use maximum 32 tables for join and maximum table size should be restricted to 255 columns.

How to visualize or show Top 5 or Bottom 5 in same view?

With the Help of sets you can dynamically add or change the Top 5 & Bottom 5 in same view.

Show Top 5 or Bottom 5 in same view | Tableau | Blogs | TechandMate

What is Page Shelf and how it can add value to your dashboard?

Tableau has great functionality and option like Page Shelf. It gives lots of add to your visualization. Page shelf gives you liberty to see your data in pages bifurcated by your chosen value.

Page Shelf | Tableau | Blogs | TechandMate

Page Shelf | Tableau | Blogs | TechandMate


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