Big Data – A Big Impact on your Career!

Big Data | Blog | TechandMate

IT career has always been the eye–candy in the job world. BIG DATA as the name suggests opens a big market potential to enter into a billion-dollar industry and earn heavy bucks if you have the right potential to tap it.

So What Is Big Data?

It is a term for very large and complex data sets that is collected for the purpose of sharing, storage, transfer, querying, visualization, analysis, data curation, and capturing and information privacy. For thousands of posts on Facebook, the videos uploaded on YouTube,to millions of tweets on twitter, to the gathering of weather and geographical data by satellites, the networked sensors collect large amounts of data from digital devices.

Big Data | Blog | TechandMate

Which Industries Do Use Big Data?

  • Government agencies
  • IT companies
  • Business organizations
  • Small scale startups
  • Retailers and e-commerce industries
  • Super markets and educational institutions
  • Market research firms and online businesses
  • Scientists and space organizations
  • Social Media
  • Aviation Industry

Why Is Big Data The Best Career Move?

Almost everywhere and anywhere, there is an urgent need  to collect, maintain and protect any data being generated as it becomes crucial in aiding the decision making, improving business plans and strategies, and giving an edge over to other competitors.

Big Data & Credit Card Companies – Now Buddies!

ANALYTICS– Any data collected is useless in the absence of expert professionals who possess the required skill to analyze it.

HUGE DEMAND AND LESS SUPPLY– A huge deficit stands on the supply side with the demand increasing exponentially creating big data a hot market.


Big Data Analytics | Blog | TechandMate

Power Booster to Tech Companies

A list of companies including IBM, Microsoft, sap, Symantec, oracle, general electric, synergy are investing intensely in global data centers especially designed to interpret big data and are searching for the big talent. Some available positions in software companies that specialize in BI intelligence tools are statisticians, econometricians, quant analysts,

BOOST to retailer and Manufacturing units-

Big data is collected by retailers because it helps them automate and optimize inventory levels. Large retailers such as Wal-Mart are adopting big data techniques to assist streamline supply chains.

Internet has widened the paths to target a big market and audience because each click and every page viewed is recorded.And since companies don’t want to miss out on opportunities to understand the consumer behavior, big data analysts are required.

Diversified jobs and titles

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Big Data Science Analyst
  • Big Data Analytics Business Consultant
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant
  • Big Data Analytics Architect
  • Metrics and Analytics Specialist
  • Pricing Analysis-Big data stores AND e-Commerce industries all the information needed to identify the trends and different types of buyers the company caters to which helps to make the strategies for differential pricing.For example- Offering lower prices to large volume purchases.Big data analysts have the role of analyzing this growing demand of products and get heavily paid for it.After all the more profit you will make these companies earn, the more share are you likely to get.What technologies you need to know?


    BIG DATA is sounding heavily from a recent year and IT experts term it to have the potential to tap a huge employment with large opportunity for making money. This turns out to be an emerging trend of the year and will fetch scores of money, if you are willing to pay your time to learn all about the giant-‘The BIG DATA’.

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