Ace Data Science Interviews with these 5 Tips

No matter whether you are a novice or an experienced, sitting for the Data Science interview might make you jittery. But hey, we have some news to soothe your nerves and make you calm down. We have listed a few tips that will help you prepare yourself for the impending interview. Follow these tips to regain your focus and align your preparedness in the right direction.

Let’s begin!

1. Do Your Homework

You don’t want to appear dumb or sound foolish at the time of answering questions related to the company/job profile, do you? If, you want to avoid messing up and getting trapped in the wrong foot, make sure you are armed with basic knowledge about the organization that has called you for an interview! Yes, doing your homework does make a difference. Read well about details including company history & profile, line of business, job description and roles and responsibilities of that particular profile. Pre-attempting these questions help you prepare for a lot more questions and give you a clear understanding of your job description. 

2. Who am I?

This may sound cliché or appear stereotypical to you but as a matter of fact this question carries a heavy weight-age! After all, isn’t it common sense to know what exactly is the job of a Data Scientist? Research well to understand the roles and responsibilities of a Data Scientist so you are able to answer smoothly “What do you think a Data Scientist Does?” Your reply determines your seriousness about the job and demonstrates your depth of knowledge! Einstein once said “If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough,” and the statement holds absolutely true!

3. Maths, Maths & Maths

Brushing up on your statistics and methodology sure is a good idea. Touch upon the long forgotten concepts or even simple questions like “What are the assumptions required for linear regression?”. Frankly, such questions have stumped many interviewees. Don’t forget probability theory and Linear Algebra! Crisp knowledge about algorithms comes from practice. Hence, it makes more sense to solving various problems to get deeper insights about the same. A data scientist who knows just the data wrangling tools but has no idea of the statistics involved is like a chef who only knows how to turn on the microwave!

4. Charge up your Technology Skills

As a Data Scientist, you are expected to be able to provide viable solutions to real-world problems. This includes the ability to handle data from multiple sources, churning/preparing and analyzing it on some tool. You should be equipped to execute tasks with flawless ease. Hence, brushing up your tech skills and being updated on market trends in data analytics tools is a must! Excel, SQL, Python or R or SAS are a few technologies that have set a yardstick for so much as qualifying for the interview. Big Data, which is an emerging phenomenon, makes it necessary to stay abreast with NoSQL database. It certainly gives you an upper edge over the others!

5. Confidence. Show it!

No amount of skills and knowledge come to the rescue of an interviewee who appears to be disoriented and nervous. Though an interviewee is expected to be skilled and learned, the fact remains that he/she may not be able to answer some questions. It is pertinent to mention that on-the-job learning is as much important as theoretical. Thus, if you do not know an answer to a particular question, do not hesitate to say so. Be confident about yourself and earnest about your responses. That gives you an upper edge. Never hesitate to express your desire and openness to learning.

All The Best!


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