5 Hottest Tech Skills Of 2016, That Can Transform Your Fortune!

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IT Trend is kept on changing so as technologies. To remain ahead of other we need to welcome the transformation & shadow the same path. All IT Job hunters are clutching the opportunities coming their way and they are upskilling and raising their salary bar by picking such events. Many Analytics companies have already forecasted an increased in IT salary of more than 5%. And this is the effect of changing vogue, introduction and increasing trend of technologies.

So it’s time to come out from your comfort sector and learn these technologies. TechandMate brings you the five hottest technologies of 2016 to look for. And certainly they can transform your fortune and may grind as building block for your career.

Programming and Application Development

Programming and Application Development | Blog | TechandMate

Programming and App Development is still most sought technology and expertise companies are looking for. And it will remain dominant in 2016. Technology is leaving Global Foot print & programmers and developers are the people who make things happen. Various Research and Analytics company has predicted App Developers has great career in 2016 and even after that.

According to another research firm (Payscale.com) says annual earning of Application developers is $45000 to $100,000.

Big Data

Big Data | Blog | TechandMate

Big Data Industry is continued to grow and expanding its global foot prints. Because when it comes to Big Data and when they look for technology which can manage their data and store their historical data for further requirement, then Big Data and Hadoop technology is there for rescue. Companies have either planned or planning to move their data with the help of Technologies like Hadoop etc.

77% of companies are considering Big Data as their top most priority – Peer Research Survey

And certainly it is good news for those who want to make their career into Big Data Industry. According to survey more than 40% of HR Managers responded that they are seeking people who specialized in this technology. Big Data – A Big Impact on your Career!

Big Data would need more than 1.5 MN by 2018 – McKinsey Global Report

So definitely Big Data is one of the hottest technologies of 2016.

Business Intelligence / Business Analytics

BI & Analytics | Blog | TechandMate

 Another technology which is consistently growing and showing its impact in 2016 is Business Intelligence & Analytics. BI & Analytics is probably most sought skill set after Big Data Hadoop.

According to survey, “more than 35% of HR Managers responded that they are seeking people who own this skill set”

Industries like Healthcare, Insurance and Financial services & Retails sectors need BI & Analytics most to understand and improve their problem areas. Also, their hiring managers are looking for BI Analysts who can definitely recognize the industry better and can bring the insight from their data, they are always looking for. Read more about A Brief Study on Business Analytics Programs! 

Database Administrator

DB Admin | Blog | TechandMate

This is for sure that demand for Database Administrator will always persist on top. And this is another proof that according to survey more than 25% of companies responded that they are seeking people who own this skill set.

Big Data has influenced the market but requirement for database administrator remains adamant.

According to research that DB Administrator will again rise by 5% to 9% in coming years.

Companies are looking for candidates who can handle their critical Databases and has strong skill set on reporting tools like MSBI, Oracle, DB2, and last but not the least Hadoop. Learn, how to crack the DB Admin Interview.

Web Development

Web Development | Blog | TechandMate

Web Development continues to wow the IT Industry. It is still and remains top IT Skill set in coming future as well. After survey we found out that around 24% of HR Managers required people having this skill set.

Check out >> Web Development Training – A COURSE LEADING ALL

Companies are contingent on their web platforms to connect and engage their customers, clients and partners. They bring unique ideas and ability to run their existing web platform smoothly, which is always open for their customers and for new opportunities. Introduction of Mobile apps and mobile friendly website has certainly open new doors for business and they always need people who can manage the same for them.

So our list completes here & we hope you find this article useful. For any suggestions and questions don’t hesitate to leave your comments.


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