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Dear Friends,

Can you please help me in below problem?

How to insert blank row in a given data in excel. My data is as follows:

Monday 41
Tuesday 25
Wednesday 51
Thursday 61
Friday 31
Saturday 23
Sunday 21



  Debapriya Bej


1. 1st insert a blank column (e.g. Column A) beside any data column then write 1,2,3, so on in "Column A" .

2. Then copy only those cells where 1,2,3 etc is written and paste down at last row of Column A then go to SORT option and sort with "Column A"

3.  Then delete "Column A"

Condition: Paste cells 1,2,3 etc as per requirement of ROW.  If you need more ROWS then paste again same cells at last row.

I hope this will be helpful........

  Kuldeep Singh       10 Dec 2017       0       0     

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