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Are you able to solve in our last task given by Devbrat Sir, dynamically how to find out total present days and total leaves in a attendance table using excel formula? Please see below for your reference:

Date 07-Jul-12 08-Jul-12 09-Jul-12 10-Jul-12 11-Jul-12 12-Jul-12 13-Jul-12 14-Jul-12 15-Jul-12
Vinod P L L P L P P P P
Sandeep L P P L P L      
Vikrant P P P P L        
Mukesh P P P L          
Raju P P P P L        
Pankaj P L P L   L   L  

Remember we have to use data validation and we put employee name and get the total days leave or present?

I hope any of you are able to solve, please share your answer.

I have attempted, but not getting result.

Thanks and have a great weekend!


  Debapriya Bej

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