Hi All,

Can anybody help me to solve the below problem? I have data is as below. Please see my below condition. I have seen that data has not been changing whether value of G column is not 0, is blank, but still showing my data is Techandmate. But I need to data where G column data is 0, then Techandmate either is blank.

I am awaiting for your reply.



  Debapriya Bej

Hi Debapriya,

You can use normal if condition to solve this problem.


if your formula is below one then you will receive TechandMate wheather your value is 0 or blank because             bydefault excel consider 0 if cell is blank under formula-

=IF(G2=0,"TechandMate","No Match").

The correct formula is -



  Devbrat Tripathi       10 May 2017       1       0     

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