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To get maximum row number in excel sheet [duplicate]

I need one solution to the below scenario.

Lets say I have a table of data in four column. I want to know the maximum row in excel sheet. For eg: As you can see in the below table column B has maximum number of rows which is equal to 12.

    A   B   C   D
1   asd asd asd asd
2   asd asd asd asd
3   asd asd asd asd
4   asd asd asd asd
5   asd asd asd asd
6       asd     asd
7       asd     asd
8       asd
9       asd
10      asd
11      asd
12      asd

  Devbrat Tripathi

Assuming your data is range A1:D12 then use the below function


To be array entered : CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER

  Asheesh Mattoo       25 Feb 2017       0       0     

Thanks for the Answer

  Devbrat Tripathi       05 Mar 2017       0       0     

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