Stored Procedure SQL

I have to Insert data in already created column and need to create a store procedure to avoid repeated steps. Please help me out.

As per below  I have to insert data in "Joining_Date", "Department" and "Gender"?

If we can't enter the date for all three columns, please suggest to enter data in single column "Joining_Date"?

  Rupesh Kumar


I din't get understand what steps you are talking about. As far as i understood you can use below procedure to

update the records-

create procedure update_Table 
@DOJ date,
@sal bigint,
@deptno int,
@empno int


update employee
set Hiredate = @DOJ, sal = @sal, DeptNo = @deptno

where EmpNo = @empno

To execute this procedure you can use -

execute update_Table '1980-12-19',800,20,7369

Please reply if you are looking for something else.


  Devbrat Tripathi       31 Aug 2016       0       0     

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