Excel Count function

Calculate the number of unique characters that are common to two strings.

strings like .

String1         String2           UniqueCount
Ridiculous  Simple                3
Incredible  Silly             2
Magic           Fun               0
Balloon         Children          2
November    December          4
January         August                2
February    January               4
United States   India                 4
Australia   United Kingdom        3
Indomitable submissive        4

    As an example, the string "Ridiculous" and "Simple" have the letters "s", "i" and "l" in common. As such, the expected output will be 3.

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Rakesh Sharma

  Rakesh Sharma


Assume that "Ridiculous" is in A2 and "Simple" is in B2

Now put the below array formula in C2 and drag it down.


Acknowledge the above formula using CRTL + SHIFT + ENTER

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