Excel:Implementing criteria in a range.

I have a range of numbers. I want to write a single formula in Excel to check if any of the number in range is less than 40 than the overall result is Fail and otherwise the result is pass.

Please Suggest

  Sachin Yadav

Ans. like u have range of number (a1:a10) . then formula will be : if(A1<40,"Fail","Pass") after that down the formula 

  Rakesh Sharma       12 Jun 2016       0       1     

Rakesh u r right but Sachin wants a single formula for a range if any value is less than 40 then fail else pass.

So u can try below formula.

=IF(OR(A1:A10<40),"FAIL","PASS") then press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to run the formula.

  Devendra Singh       12 Jun 2016       4       0     

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